Soren Dawody, Managing Director

Soren Dawody co-founded Akros & Partners in 2011. As Managing Director, he provides strategic leadership to ensure that its vision to catalyze foreign investment is realized. In addition to managing day-to-day operations, Dawody engages with investors, government representatives, and other key stakeholders to advance the company’s strategic plan. As Managing Director, Dawody drives the company’s mission and long-term goals, serving as a catalyst for the company’s success.

Soren Dawody has extensive experience in global real estate development and investment and international relations. He has successfully fostered private sector/government partnerships to advance sustainability strategies in emerging economies. Dawody’s exceptional leadership and crisis management skills have helped to position Akros & Partners as a global leader in the Citizenship by Investment industry.

Effective Altruism plays a crucial role in Soren Dawody’s entrepreneurship. Behind every new start was an inner desire to create an infrastructure that would develop solutions for local communities’ challenges. This passion plays out in his vision for Akros & Partners that by driving international investment, the company can bring solutions to employment challenges, income equality, healthcare, and affordable housing. Dawody believes that strategic global investment in countries such as Cyprus, Greece, Grenada, and others, bring long-term benefits to participants and local citizenry.

Soren Dawody

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